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Our secure payment

An SSL certificate is a digital certificate that authenticates the identity of a Web site and encrypts information that is sent to the server using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology. SSL certificates built around stringent, industry-leading authentication measures—allow Web site owners to secure all online transactions with up to 256-bit encryption. An SSL certificate on a Web site ensures that sensitive data is safe from prying eyes.


We at Klarna want to make it easier and safer for those who shop online. Social responsibility is an important and integral part of our business.

Today we are working on several ways to prevent you dealing with us in a difficult financial situation. With each purchase, we are doing a check against your previous payment history and other patterns, according to the data we collected from millions of purchase, showing when you are credit worthy or not. Klarna system to check each purchase is far more advanced and accurate than, say, regular credit reports.

We are always keen to have as good a possible dialogue with our customers. Our customer service is open seven days a week where you can go if you think you can not keep paying on time. Or if you have other questions regarding your payment.

Please read further among our questions and answers .

What to do with rebounds

We at Klarna want it to be easy to shop and the customer will be treated fairly at rebounds. When you shop with Klarna you always have 14 days to pay for your goods. During these two weeks you can calmly decide whether to keep the item or return it. A return can be made on the store's condition supports it or otherwise, the goods covered by the (statutory) right of withdrawal in distance and Doorstep Sales Act Consider that the store is not always required to pay for return shipping. Find out if they offer free return shipping, and which conditions apply for the return of the item before you buy.

Store return policies must comply with Distance Selling Act, but we recommend that you also find out what applies to each store when in doubt.

»For more information about returns and the consumer's right of withdrawal see Distance Selling Act .


Identification, adaptation and risk assessment

In order to safely identify you and prevent the unauthorized use or misuse of Klarna Checkout, as well as to meet the requirements of good creditors need Klarna verify your identity. Klarna collect additional information such as social security number, name and address and, at the choice of credit options, credit information from various suppliers. Klarna also need to use the information that you may have left on previous purchases, publicly available information on the internet, and information about how you have fulfilled our payment terms, to assess the risk. Klarna Checkout automatically adjusts the risk assessment, and thus the design of the service, because every time you use the service and you do not need to enter more information than necessary. In some cases, previously designated and approved by Klarna address to you once you provided your email address and zip code. The approved address will only be used to pre-fill the address information directly related to a purchase. You can easily avoid the approved address förifylls by choosing to apply for a PIN code. By completing your purchase, confirm your identity and correct shipping address.

Payment, Charges

Klarna Checkout exhibit the payment options can be offered to you. Current payment options which can currently be offered by Klarna Checkout is invoice, debit account, credit card or direct payment through bank. Invoice is as the default payment option where possible. When paying by invoice terms Klarna's applicable invoice terms;  14 days credit, SEK 60 late payment fee and interest equal to 24% plus at the time of the Riksbank fixed reference rate . It costs nothing to use Klarna Checkout. Any taxes or fees may incur through the selected payment option, look into the individual terms of payment for the item you choose.Klarna may at any time add or remove one or more payment options to those offered in Klarna Checkout.

When you complete a purchase via Klarna Checkout hits you and Klarna an agreement where Klarna including Guarantee you do not have to pay if you do not receive your goods. Klarna replaces simultaneously store you shopped and thus assumes the right to get paid. No matter which payment method you choose, your payment goes thus regulate the claim Klarna has.

Use, PIN

Klarna is the holder of all rights to Klarna Checkout. As a user, you may only use the service as intended to carry out the purchase, until further notice and in accordance with the Terms.

Klarna Checkout offers the possibility to choose a personal code, called the PIN code. This pin is optional for those who want extra protection when you ehandlar. Remember not to choose a code that has no relation to your own social security number, phone number, or the like, not to disclose the PIN to anyone or write it in a way that outsiders can assume that it refers to a PIN.


You warrant that any information you provide is correct and yours, and that you may enter into contracts freely and without a guardian, trustee or any other person's approval.

If you use the service for a legal entity, you also state that you have authority to enter into this Agreement and hereby accept the terms and conditions in full for the legal person concerned. By providing any personal data about other people, you confirm that you also have permission to disclose this information and that the information may be used for the purposes and in the ways described in these Terms.


Use of data that are not yours or that you for some other reason are not entitled to use, and the use of Klarna Checkout other in ways not intended, will be judged by Klarna as abusive. All information related to the abuse or suspected abuse of Klarna Checkout, for example, by specifying false or misleading information, saved and used for future risk assessments and to protect the parties involved. The user may be blocked from further possibility to use Klarna Checkout. Your compliance with the Terms and individual payment terms for Klarna's services also affects the risk assessment when using Klarna Checkout and thus your ability to use all the payment options.

Personal Information

Klarna and its partners to process your personal data in order to offer you a simplified payment via Klarna Checkout and in order to simplify the payment process the next time you use Klarna's services. Klarna processes personal data in order to verify your identity, manage the customer relationship, prevent misuse or improper use of payment services, perform customer analysis, credit evaluation, risk analysis, risk management, business development, commercial and marketing purposes, for themselves and for our specially selected partners, and to comply with applicable regulatory requirements in general. Personal information is any information which directly or indirectly can be associated with you. The following are examples of personal information that Klarna treats:

  1. Contact information - name, address, email address, phone number, etc.
  2. Civic
  3. Payment details - card number, billing information etc.
  4. Financial information - for example, information about income and any payment defaults (used in case there is a credit report)
  5. Article information - information relating to the purchases you make
  6. Historical information - details of previous purchases, how you have complied with the terms of payment, any rejection, etc.
  7. Information about your computer / device - IP address, language settings, browser settings, etc.
  8. Publicly available information on the internet

Personal number is used for identification and ID number in the customer management object in Klarnas systems. If you were using Klarna may be stored information about you, for example, customer management, documentation or similar authorized purposes. Klarna will use any such information to verify your identity and simplify your use of Klarna Checkout. Klarna may also use electronic communication (communication via eg SMS and email) in contact with you. Klarna could disclose information to other companies in Klarna's business group, also can use the information in the manner and for the purposes described here. For administrative purposes, the information may also be disclosed to the ehandlare where you made your purchase and our specially selected partners for customer analysis and marketing. Further, the data may be disclosed in connection with the transfer of receivables to collection agencies or equivalent. The data can also be transferred for treatment outside the EU / EEA area to a state that does not have the same level of protection of personal data. Klarna is committed to protecting personal information and will implement appropriate safeguards to protect the data. You are entitled to an annual written request access to the data relating to you. You also have the right to correct inaccurate information and to opt out of receiving further marketing communications. Klarna is the data responsible for the processing of your personal data.

See also Klarna's Privacy Statement for a more detailed description of Klarna's handling of personal data. Additional information may also be obtained by contacting Klarna on

By using Klarna Checkout, you agree to our use of your personal information in the manner described herein, including any transfer to another entity or to the state outside the EU / EEA area as well as the ability to use electronic communications in eg marketing.


Klarna use cookies. A cookie is a small text file sent from Klarna's web server and stored by your browser in order to give you access to various functions. Klarna use cookies for example in order to adapt Klarna Checkout after you and for internal analysis of how our site is used. Cookies can not harm your computer. See further Klarna's Cookie for details on how Klarna use cookies.

By using Klarna Checkout, you agree to our use of cookies.

Changes, additions and other Services

Klarna changing and constantly improving services and reserves the right to change the conditions for the further use of Klarna Checkout. Always read through the terms and conditions prior to each new purchase. For other services that provide valid Klarna Klarna's applicable terms and price list for such services. Terms and price list are available on If it turns out that a certain Terms unenforceable this shall not affect any other condition.

Links to or from other websites

Klarna approves or does not control any third party website or application, and we are not responsible and is not liable in any way for their content. For that matter you use such a website or application from a third-party application conditions of the site / application.

Limitation of Liability, Applicable law and disputes

In addition to those required by the conditions or statutory rights of responsible Klarna not under any circumstances for any damages directly or indirectly caused by the use of Klarna Checkout. Klarna is not responsible for damages incurred if the customer has not complied with the PIN. Swedish law and any disputes will be handled by the courts.


The right for you to use Klarna Checkout persist until either party terminates it. Such termination take effect immediately but does not affect the terms and obligations for completed purchases (unpaid bills, charges, etc.), or the right to process personal information in the manner set forth above.